My favourite camera

I like to campaign them. I was keen during my teens ( the 80s… ). Dad had a Nikon F, F2, and F3. I’d been given my mother’s Yashica 35, but I notice lots of photos from that era show me with the F.

Fast forward to today. I have a 5 year old and a D90. But Dad gifted me his film cameras, and I picked up some “dream” bodies for a song too. So my walking around cameras tend to change often, but whatever made the last “favourite” photo tends to be the go to body.

Now that my daughter can handle long city walks, I’m going for more cityscapes and street photos. So small and quiet are popular. If only I was any good…

I love my FA at the moment.


Here: industrial chain near work. Fuji 64D cross processed in C41. Nice texture. Sloppy remjet removal.

It’s hard to line up a sunset

When you see travelling and you want to take photos of things like sunsets, it’s all a bit hit and miss. Without knowing the best places for that time of year, you are often running around the streets in vain looking for a view that is a little more westerly. But there always seems like there is a building in the way.

Here are a few from Berlin tonight.






Back at work (Already?!)

I thought Amelia would have played up more with me not being around all day like the last three weeks. Ha, goes to show my over inflated sense of importance. Straight out of the car at her grandmothers. No tears, nothing. I’ll take those Christmas presents back now, thanks.

Fuji64D in C41

So, having obtained some Fuji64D it seemed time to experiment.

I’ve developed this stock as B&W with good results, but now that I’d processed the colour film I’d bought my C41 kit for, it seemed like a good time to try this ECN2 stock.

I’m shooting handheld in bright sunlight with an F3 using a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-D.

Ok, so I expected a colour cast. These are uncorrected direct from an Epson V700. The scanner will try to fix exposure frame by frame, but looking at the negatives, there is little difference even though I tried a range of EI here.

What I wasn’t expecting was the difference in colour at f/8.

Overall, it is not a bad result. In this case, I followed some of the net advice to process as normal and remove the remjet following the BLIX. Hmm, in my case, the remjet had already started to come off and ended up partly in the BLIX. I’ll need to filter that. However this was why I waited to the rated end of the Tetenal kit before doing this, so no loss.

When developing this stock ad B&W I used a washing soda prebath and vigorous agitation. In that case I had no problems with remjet adhering to the emulsion. Perhaps I’ll try pre removal for the next experiment.

 f/8  f/1.8
 EI12  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_001  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_002
 EI15  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_003  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_004
 EI20  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_005  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_006
 EI25  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_007  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_008
 EI32  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_009  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_010
 EI40  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_011  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_012
 EI50  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_013  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_014
 EI64  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_015  00XX_Fuiji64D_test_20131219_016